Manager Visual Developer

Date: 13 Jun 2024

Location: Riyadh, SA

Company: KAPSARC



Manager visual developer with exceptional image editing tools expertise and front-end web development skills. The ideal candidate will be adept at creating digital interactive infographics and possess the technical expertise to implement these designs into functional user interfaces for web products. This role is critical for summarizing complex academic content into visually engaging and interactive web products.



Visual Product Developer

  • Skillfully translate and transform in-depth, text-heavy articles into engaging and interactive digital infographics, crafting compelling visual web narratives.

  • Innovatively design and execute user interfaces by leveraging advanced UI design principles and front-end technologies.

  • Continuously develop and enhance the front-end components of digital products, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality.

  • Refine UI designs for peak performance and scalability, while maintaining visual elegance and integrity.

  • Create visually interactive digital web pages that succinctly convey key insights through a story-driven format.

  • Extract and interpret data trends and patterns, translating them into meaningful and insightful visual representations in digital products.

  • Craft and implement visually appealing representations of energy and climate models within our digital offerings.

  • Collaborate effectively with engineers and products, leading to aligning UI/UX designs with technical and functional feasibility.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement

  • Actively identify and contribute to the continuous enhancement and sustainability of systems, processes, and practices, considering global standards, productivity improvement, and cost efficiency.

Policies, Systems, Processes, and Procedures

  • Provide strategic input in designing and implementing policies, systems, and procedures, ensuring compliance while delivering a high-quality, cost-effective service.


  • Analyze information diligently and prepare comprehensive reports and dashboards promptly and accurately, adhering to organizational requirements, policies, and quality standards.

  • Undertake additional duties as required by the organization, embracing a variety of tasks and responsibilities as needed.


  • Established history of excellence in developing digital visuals and crafting interactive web products.

  • Advanced proficiency in front-end development languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and familiar with frameworks such as Angular.

  • Expertise in design tools like Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and other AI-powered image tools.

  • Demonstrated ability in creating responsive and adaptive designs that effectively narrate stories within digital products.

  • A comprehensive portfolio showcasing prior achievements in digital visualization of intricate content and front-end development initiatives.

  • Exceptional problem-solving abilities and adeptness in thriving within a dynamic team setting.

  • Well-versed in addressing cross-browser compatibility challenges and implementing effective solutions.

  • Skilled in developing data-driven digital narratives and crafting innovative digital objects.

  • Proficiency in the domain of Energy, Economy, or Climate, specifically in the realm of digital product development.

  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills, with experience in leading meetings for large audiences.

  • Fluent in English, avid reader with excellent writing skills, effective in communication.



  • Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Software, Digital/Visual Arts, Graphics Design or a related field

  • 8 years’ experience in the information or analytics or media or research or knowledge or consulting services industry specifically have covered energy, economics and climate topic digital products