Fellow - Macroeconomics and energy economics

Date: 10 Nov 2023

Location: Riyadh, SA

Company: KAPSARC



The Knowledge and Analysis (K&A) Department of KAPSARC develops internationally recognized research and provides economic advice to entities in the Saudi energy sector through the Consulting Department, utilizing advanced analytical tools and capabilities. K&A comprises more than 80 experts organized into six programs covering a wide range of current and emerging topics in energy economics, climate change, energy transition, and public policy.

One of the K&A programs is the Energy Macro & Microeconomics (EMM) Program. The experts in the EMM Program conduct evidence-based economic analysis to examine the impact of energy sector developments on the overall economy, while also considering trade-offs between energy, environmental, and economic performance. The EMM Program develops in-house models, publishes studies in leading peer-reviewed journals and contributes to advisory projects. Its toolkit includes macro-econometric, DGSE, CGE, and partial equilibrium models, which are used in different research and consulting projects based on the specific policy questions at hand. The program continually seeks to innovate and employ new methods by drawing on its expertise in applied economics.


The EMM Program is currently looking for a fellow who will contribute to its research projects and support consulting activities. This role will involve analyzing the long-term impacts of energy transitions on Saudi Arabia and other resource-rich economies. The research outputs will be disseminated through the publication of reports, discussion papers, and articles in peer-reviewed journals. On the consulting side, the fellow will work alongside a team of consultants engaged in advisory projects, offering insights and analysis to meet the specific requirements of entities within the Saudi energy sector. The ideal candidate for this position should possess a solid background in developing and utilizing economic models, conducting applied research, and publishing scholarly work. She/He must be capable of tackling complex policy questions that involve interactions between economics, energy, and technology, while also proposing appropriate analytical approaches. Effective communication skills are essential, as the candidate will need to engage with non-specialist audiences and participate in multidisciplinary teams.


Main responsibilities

- Undertake research projects in collaboration with other program members, and draft high-quality research papers, briefs, and reports on relevant topics related to energy economics, sustainability, and policy

- Share research findings and insights by publishing in journals as well as presenting at international conferences, workshops, and other events

- Continuously enhance and refine economic models used within the EMM Program

- Actively contribute to KAPSARC’s advisory activities by providing tailored economic advice and analysis to support decision-making within the Saudi energy sector

- Proactively identify emerging trends, methodologies, and best practices in energy economics and integrate them into research and consulting activities


Qualifications and Experience

Academic Background:

- A Ph.D. in macroeconomics, energy economics, or a closely related discipline, with strong skills in economic modeling

- A track record of publications in the field of energy economics

- Experience in providing policy analysis and advice would be a strong asset

Professional Background:

- A minimum of 10 years of post-Ph.D. experience in conducting model-based policy analysis on macroeconomic and energy policy issues

- Advanced ability to develop economic models used for policy analysis, especially, proficiency in DSGE or CGE modeling would be a strong plus

- A comprehensive understanding of ongoing macroeconomic issues and global energy and environmental policy discussions and their implications for energy-exporting economies

- Excellent written and oral command of English, strong communications skills, including the ability to present complex analyses to non-specialist audiences and develop briefings for senior management

- Team-player mindset, and excellent time management and problem-solving skills